Chipper Cash convinces Joe Montana to invest in African fintech

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The African no-fee, cross-border payment startup Chipper Cash has raised a $2.4 million seed round led by Deciens Capital. The payments company also persuaded 500 Startups and Liquid 2 Ventures — co-founded by Joe Montana — to join the round. Chipper Cash’s Ugandan chief executive, Ham Serunjogi, pitched the U.S. football legend directly. “He was […]


Showing the power of startup womens health brands, P&G buys This is L

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The P&G acquisition of This is L., a startup retailer of period products and prophylactics, shows just how profitable investing in women’s healthcare brands and products can be. A person with knowledge of the investment put the price tag at roughly $100 million — a healthy outcome for investors and company founder Talia Frenkel. But just as […]


Ugandas brutal treatment of MPs is enabled by global indifference | Robert Amsterdam

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MPs including the Afropop musician turned politician Bobi Wine are allegedly being tortured. The Magnitsky Act can curb this shocking abuse, says lawyer Robert Amsterdam In a country with such a complex and often conflict-prone history, acts of political violence and intimidation are common enough to be unremarkable. But this past week in Uganda has […]


Fury over arrest of academic who called Uganda’s president a pair of buttocks

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Human rights groups denounce charge of cyber harassment against Stella Nyanzi for posting Facebook criticism of Yoweri Museveni and first lady Janet The detention of a prominent feminist academic for criticising the Ugandan president on Facebook has been widely condemned by human rights groups. a pair of buttocks and his wife, Janet, who is education […]