Chinas Vast Intercontinental Building Plan Is Gaining Momentum

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Here’s a Quicktake on what Xi describes as the ‘project of the century’ The program isn’t without controversy: debt began operations last year, allowing crude supplies from the Middle East and Africa to reach China faster as shipments no longer need to be transported through the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea. The […]


Why Pakistan and India remain in denial 70 years on from partition

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The division of British India was poorly planned and brutally carried out, as fear and revenge attacks led to a bloody sectarian cleansing On 3 June 1947, only six weeks before British India was carved up, a group of eight men sat around a table in New Delhi and agreed to partition the south Asian subcontinent. […]


Pakistan: man sentenced to death for blasphemy on Facebook

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Taimoor Raza was found guilty of insulting the prophet Mohammed during an argument on social media with a counter-terrorism official A Pakistani man has been sentenced to death for committing blasphemy on Facebook, the first conviction on charges arising from social media. Judge Shabbir Ahmad Awan handed down the verdict in Bahawalpur, around 600km (372 […]


UN panel releases draft treaty banning possession and use of nuclear weapons

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States would have to destroy any nuclear weapons they have and would be forbidden from transferring them A draft treaty banning the possession and use of all nuclear weapons. The draft treaty is the culmination of a sustained campaign, supported by more than 130 non-nuclear states frustrated with the sclerotic pace of disarmament, to prohibit […]