Major Scandal: Gregg Popovich Is Taking An Indefinite Leave From Coaching After Admitting To Taking Home A Basketball For Personal Use

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If you’re a San Antonio Spurs fans, brace yourself for some terrible news. A major scandal just rocked this NBA dynasty in a way that’s sure to leave a stain on its legacy for years to come: Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is going on an indefinite leave from coaching after admitting to taking home […]


Sports teams won’t stay at Trump’s hotels, which is hitting his wallet hard

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The Chicago Cubs visited Trump at the White House, but other teams refuse to stay at his hotels.Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images President Trump has been riling up pro athletes with disinvitations to the White House and attacks on police brutality protests. Now some teams are hitting back where it hurts: his wallet. Pro sports teams […]