Its a new era for fertility tech

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Women’s health has long been devoid of technological innovation, but when it comes to fertility options, that’s starting to change. Startups in the space are securing hundreds of millions in venture capital investment, a significant increase to the dearth of funding collected in previous years. Fertility entrepreneurs are focused on a growing market: couples are […]


The man behind the stripper robot that went utterly viral for all the wrong reasons Cool Quotient

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Instagram is working on a new type of account for influencers.Image: lili sams / mashable Instagram is taking new steps to woo some of its highest profile users.  The app is testing “creator accounts,” which would add new analytics and messaging features geared toward influencers and other power users of the photo-sharing app. SEE ALSO: […]


Im Documenting Myself Slowly Dying From A Rare Disease To Show Why Euthanasia Should Be Legalized

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My partner and I have been documenting daily life with a disability through Instagram without the filters and mushy inspo-porn. I’m brutally honest and open with my photos, revealing aspects of disabled life that you don’t often hear about. I’m Holly Warland, a 27-year-old woman from Australia and I have a rare condition called Limb […]


Overweight Teenager Surprises Everyone By Losing 139 Lbs To Fit Into Her Formal Dress

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People want to lose weight for a variety of reasons. From the obvious health benefits it brings, to simply looking good in a certain outfit, the motivation to drop the junk food and shed those excess pounds is a step in the right direction. For Aussie teenager Josie Desgrand it was Instagram. At 16 years […]


Instagram is rolling out anti-bullying features

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Instagram is rolling out anti-bullying features.Image: LightRocket via Getty Images Instagram is taking further steps to tackle bullying on its platform. The social network is employing machine learning to help proactively detect bullying in photos, which will then be reviewed by a human moderator. SEE ALSO: Ignore the backlash — HUJI is still good An […]


Instagram enables support for third party authenticator security apps

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Multiple ways to authenticate.Image: LightRocket via Getty Images About time, Instagram. On Tuesday, Instagram announced several changes intended to improve security for its 1 billion users. Among the changes is the ability to use third party authenticator apps to log in to Instagram, including DUO Mobile and Google Authenticator. Instagram did not previously support this […]