Tesla Is Cutting About 9% of Workers on Musk’s Profitability Push

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Elon Musk has finally been forced to rethink his vaulting ambitions for for months: Tesla has reached a pivotal moment. After misjudging how quickly the carmaker would be able to mass-manufacture an electric vehicle for the first time, the chief executive officer is pumping the brakes from years of hiring at breakneck speed. Difficult, but […]


Electric Buses Are Hurting the Oil Industry

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About 279,000 barrels a day of fuel won’t be needed this year China adds a London-sized electric bus fleet every five weeks Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance For every 1,000 battery-powered buses on the road, about 500 barrels a day of diesel fuel will be displaced from the market, according to BNEF calculations. This year, […]