Last Moments: Powerful Photo Series Captures Dog Owners Pain After Their Pets Are Euthanized

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The photographer was also seeing friends in his social media feeds posting memorials of their pets almost weekly in lovely and touching tributes. Lap of Love, based in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Dani McVety (the founder and CEO of the Tampa-based organization) was open to my request, and more importantly, the reasons behind it. Within a […]


40 Comics That I Made To Show The Differences And Similarities Between Chinese And Western Cultures

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check it out). During the past year, besides cultural differences, I also realized the cultural connections and universal values we all share as people across cultures.  reply View More Replies… #2 What are you talking about when you say something is big or small? “A big house” in the U.K.may not mean the same thing […]


The Best Wedding Photos Of 2018 Show What Happens When You Pay For A Good Photographer

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Naturally then, like any artistic profession, there is a place where your skills can be recognized and judged by your peers. Fearless Awards is a curated competition which unveils a carefully-chosen collection of top-class wedding photos every two months (you can also find the best of 2017 here). “Fearless Photographers was founded in 2010 when […]


I Hated My Baby From The Moment She Was Born And Was Too Frightened To Tell Anyone

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3 years ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and was hit by crippling postnatal psychosis. I didn’t know what it was, and I was so frightened and ashamed. I’d never experienced mental health issues before and suddenly here I was, breaking a fundamental law of biology: I didn’t love my child – I […]


I Create 3D Jelly Cakes That Youll Probably Feel Sorry To Eat (New Pics)

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I began my journey more than two years ago. Unfortunately, in late 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I had to put my business on hold as I had to undergo treatment. However, I was determined not to let cancer get in the way from doing what I loved. On the days […]


I Illustrated Mental Illness And Disorders To Fight The Stigma Associated With Them (New Pics)

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Bored Panda), in order to start an unconventional conversation. #9 Antisocial Personality Disorder reply View More Replies… #10 Schizophrenia Disorder reply View More Replies… A mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance. The flaw may be minor or imagined. But the person may spend hours a day trying to fix it. […]


25+ Photos Of Dogs Before & After Their Adoption That Will Melt Your Heart

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From sad faces in cramped cells to wide smiles on king size beds, these k9s found happiness in their new homes and can’t hide their emotions. You can understand the difference adoption makes to a shelter pet only if you see one, so scroll down and meet the lucky ones!


I Create Crazy Photo Manipulations With My Three Daughters And Son, And Heres What We Made So Far

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Photography was always important in my life. My father was an experienced hobby-photographer and founded at least two local photography-associations. So I grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, selfmade camera-baggages, darkrooms and funny weddings. The importance of photography changed into joy when I was holding my first digital cam in my hands. […]


15+ Comics That Perfectly Describe What Its Like To Have Depression And Anxiety

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Though I’ve been drawing since I was a child, I had fallen out of the habit. This comic was my compromise between drawing an journaling; it helped me record how I was feeling at the time and work through some of the darkness. My comics cover a variety of topics, like love, depression, self-reflection and […]


I Made These Comics To Compare Chinese Culture With Western Culture Through Everyday Life

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I started “tiny eyes” comics a year ago in the hope of sharing Chinese culture through everyday life, To me, learning about other cultures has always been a fun experience, and I want to pass this feeling to people who are curious about China. In lots of my comics, I compare Chinese culture to western […]