30 Adorable Employees Of The Week That This Contractor Met At The Houses He Works At

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stairfaces at reasonable prices. But while you might be happy to have Fred come over and rip up your floors, creating clouds of dust with his shrill, noisy sander, what do the canine inhabitants think about this intrusion? I would bet that they are not impressed, and that’s putting it kindly. Scroll down to check […]


Dog Kept On Such A Short Chain She Could Never Rest Her Head Is Finally Rescued And The After Pics Will Bring You Joy

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Concerned neighbors saw the conditions her owner had kept her in for years and reported them to the police as well as the animal shelter Territorio de Zaguates. When she was finally rescued, Cala had to be treated for emaciation, wounds, and malnutrition. Even after her resue Cala would come to endure more abuse at […]


Meet the dogs of Chernobyl the abandoned pets that formed their own canine community

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Hundreds of stray dogs have learned to survive in the woods around the exclusion zone mainly descendants of those left behind after the nuclear disaster, when residents were banned from taking their beloved pets to safety We are in the woods behind the Chernobyl plant when the dog runs at us. It is thin, with […]


Labrador puppy stolen by thieves returned to ‘devastated’ little girl

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Eight-week-old labrador puppy, Sasha, was stolen from a family.Image: victoria police An eight-week-old puppy that was stolen from a house in Melbourne, Australia, has been returned to a “devastated” family after local police launched a public appeal. A number of items including a laptop, an iPad and jewellery were also stolen from the home on […]