Feds Are Asking Epstein Victims About Sex-Trafficking Crimes

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Eleven years after billionaire Jeffrey Epstein received what amounted to a country-club jail sentence for allegedly molesting dozens of girls in Florida, his victims could be closer to justicewith a possible future federal prosecution beyond Palm Beach. In 2007, as the Miami Herald reported, he spent most of this time on work release at a […]


Seventy-five bogus universities shut down in past four years

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Higher education watchdog has a register of 243 institutions offering fake degrees Seventy-five bogus universities have been closed in the past four years, amid warnings that the business in fake degrees is undermining the reputation of the UK higher education system around the world. The university watchdog the Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/apr/08/seventy-five-bogus-universities-shut-down-in-past-four-years


The Man Who Went After Richard Nixons Dirty Millions Breaks His Silence: He Was Pissed!

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On March 24, 1972, a crew of bank robbers infiltratedand then spent the weekend rifling through the vault ofUnited California Bank in Laguna Niguel, California. Their target? A stash of $30 million that was rumored to from Jimmy Hoffa as a re-election campaign donation (read: bribe) designed to net the imprisoned Teamsters boss a presidential […]


Trust me, I’m a fake doctor: how medical imposters thrive in the real world

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Versions of Jodie Whittakers bogus TV medic do exist. But fantasists and charlatans tend to operate outside the hospital, where victims have been assaulted, misdiagnosed or offered false hope Within the first half-hour of the BBCs psychological thriller Levon Mkhitarian who encountered 3,363 patients in two years, working across seven NHS trusts on oncology, cardiology, […]