With China tariffs delayed, Beijing faces startup dilemma

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China is facing a challenging juxtaposition in the coming years: can the government remain in control of business and media while also opening up the country to the knowledge economy? China has uplifted more humans in a shorter period of time than any other country in the history of the planet. That mesmerizing growth engine, […]


Computer Engineer Created An AI Shelter That Takes Care Of 174 Cats, And Even Has A Facial Recognition System

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One Chinese man, who was concerned for the well-being of stray cats in his native city Beijing, recently built the world’s first AI-powered cat shelter. Wan Xi is a computer engineer who was always a devoted animal lover. He’d feed the stray cats and provide them with fresh water. During this icy cold winter, he […]


China just quietly wrote off a chunk of Cameroon’s debt. Why the secrecy?

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(CNN)When top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi met Cameroon President Paul Biya in the capital Yaounde last month and wrote off a chunk of the African country’s debt, the deal very nearly went unnoticed. But while the news report was wrong, its release did force the Chinese government to speak publicly about what type of deal […]


Huawei reportedly punishes staff for New Years Eve tweet sent from an iPhone

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As predicted, Twitter’s subtle new feature showing from which clients tweets are sent is already embarrassing brands. Following on from a Korean boy band sponsored by LG and Apple’s own Music staff, Huawei is the latest to be embarrassed after it sent a New Year’s Eve message using an iPhone. A since-deleted message included the embarrassing […]


Work on worlds first CRISPR gene-edited babies declared illegal by China

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Chinese authorities have declared the work of He Jiankui, who shocked the scientific community by claiming he successfully created the world’s first gene-edited babies, an illegal decision in pursuit of “personal fame and gain.” Investigators have completed preliminary steps in a probe that began in November following He’s claims and say they will “seriously” punish the researcher […]


40 Comics That I Made To Show The Differences And Similarities Between Chinese And Western Cultures

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check it out). During the past year, besides cultural differences, I also realized the cultural connections and universal values we all share as people across cultures.  reply View More Replies… #2 What are you talking about when you say something is big or small? “A big house” in the U.K.may not mean the same thing […]


Facebook won’t operate in China until there is ‘free expression’

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In a letter to Congress, Facebook says it won't do business in China.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images That’s a thumbs down on China. In a letter to Congress, Facebook said that it would only provide service in China if it was free from government censorship. In other words, as Xi Jinping’s power over the country intensifies, […]


The Chinese digital economy can’t be slowed down. Heres a look at how and why.

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Image: Photo by Wolfram K from Pexels Anyone who regularly reads business news will recognize the Chinese companies consistently making headlines: Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, and Xiaomi. These companies have established a major role in the global economy. Today, they dominate everything from e-commerce to the Chinese entertainment industry. One of the reasons these organizations have […]


Amazon investigates claims staff are leaking data for bribes

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Employees are offering confidential information to sellers, according to report Amazon is investigating claims that employees have taken bribes for leaking confidential sales information, particularly in China, as it the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sellers, brokers and people familiar with internal investigations. The practice violates company policy and is common in China, where the […]


Highlights from the Senate Intelligence hearing with Facebook and Twitter

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Another day, another political grilling for social media platform giants. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s fourth hearing took place this morning, with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey present to take questions as bearded wiseman CEO Jack Dorsey (whose experimental word of the month appears to be “cadence” — as in he frequently said […]