Instagram is rolling out anti-bullying features

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Instagram is rolling out anti-bullying features.Image: LightRocket via Getty Images Instagram is taking further steps to tackle bullying on its platform. The social network is employing machine learning to help proactively detect bullying in photos, which will then be reviewed by a human moderator. SEE ALSO: Ignore the backlash — HUJI is still good An […]


Apple’s Restrictions Aren’t Helping Tech Addiction

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When Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, it’s largely expected that Apple CEO Tim Cook will introduce a few new "digital wellness" features for iOS, the iPhone's operating system. It would follow in the footsteps of Google—which introduced its own suite of wellness tools for Android last month—and a growing sentiment in […]


How low does Uber have to go before we stop using it?

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From sexual harassment claims to acquiring a rape victims medical records, Ubers reputation goes from bad to worse – but with little effect on its bottom line Theres a pattern thats becoming clear: a news story breaks revealing Uber to have been engaged in illegal, unethical, or just downright gross behaviour. Uber half-heartedly swears its […]