Apple employees are reportedly walking into walls at the companys fancy new glass office


People in glass offices should probably watch where they’re going. Collisions have been one very clear downside of Apple’s $427 million spaceship office in Cupertino, according to a story out of Bloomberg. The “people familiar with the incidents” won’t say how widespread a phenomenon all of this is, but there’s a definite potential downside to […]


Apple apologizes for not telling customers iPhones with older batteries would slow over time

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Apple has today posted a letter on its website and a technical article in its Knowledge Base apologizing for not being more transparent about how it handles performance on iPhones with older batteries. Last week, Apple issued a statement that made it clear that changes it made a year ago were indeed slowing down the […]


Apple removes VPN apps from the App Store in China

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The Chinese governments crackdown on the internet continues with the news that Apple has removed all major VPN apps, which help internet users overcome the countrys censorship system, from the App Store in China. The move was first noted by ExpressVPN, a provider based outside of China,which said in a blog post all major VPN […]


Apple AirPods: Review

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Do Apple’s AirPods sound great? Not really. But they’re about way more than playing music. Let’s just get all the fun comparisons out of the way up top. Wearing AirPods is like wearing a toothbrush in your ear. No, it’s like your earbuds are melting down the side of your face. They look like tiny […]


Wheres Apples Amazon Echo competitor?

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Amazon is iterating quickly with the Amazon Echo as the company just announced the wrote that a team was working on this mysterious device back in September already. Apple isnt starting from scratch. The company has been working on Siri for years. Users generally dont like Siri as much as other vocal assistants, such as […]


China to question Apple about use of app streaming to beat censors

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Three government agencies lead crackdown on popular software which can be used to violate internet regulation Chinese authorities will question Apple over live-streaming video software available on the companys app store, amid an increasingly hostile business environment for foreign firms in the worlds second largest economy. Police, cyberspace administration and cultural law enforcement team will […]