Whole Foods v vegans: Berkeley store gets restraining order against activists

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The order is the latest in a tense standoff with an animal rights group that has staged protests at the store for several years For a full week, a big black banner was posted from a sidewalk in Berkeley, California. OCCUPY WHOLE FOODS, it declared in large, white block letters. But the protesters who created […]


‘We’ve bred them to their limit’: death rates surge for female pigs in the US

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With sows producing 23 piglets a year on average, intensive farming is called into question over rise in animals suffering prolapse Death rates for female pigs in the US are rising fast, sending alarm bells ringing throughout the farming industry. The mortality rate rose from as many as 25%-50% of sow deaths. The American Association […]


Morrissey denounces halal meat as ‘evil’, and attacks May, Khan, Abbott and more

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Ex-Smiths frontman claims halal slaughter requires certification that can only be given by supporters of Isis, and throws his support behind far-right For Britain party Morrissey has made an extraordinary even by his standards series of pronouncements in halal meat production, the Islamic method of animal slaughter. He claimed that halal slaughter requires certification that […]


Monkey selfie photographer says he’s broke: ‘I’m thinking of dog walking’

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David Slater has been fighting for years over who has the copyright to photos taken by monkeys using his camera, and says hes struggling as a result A US appeals court has debated whether or not a monkey can own the copyright to a selfie while the photographer whose camera captured the famous image watched […]