Chipper Cash convinces Joe Montana to invest in African fintech

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The African no-fee, cross-border payment startup Chipper Cash has raised a $2.4 million seed round led by Deciens Capital. The payments company also persuaded 500 Startups and Liquid 2 Ventures — co-founded by Joe Montana — to join the round. Chipper Cash’s Ugandan chief executive, Ham Serunjogi, pitched the U.S. football legend directly. “He was […]


Algeria’s President finally resigned. Will that be enough to quell protests?

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(CNN)A day that many in Algeria had longed for but barely dreamed possible has now arrived. After two decades in power, the country’s octogenarian ruler Abdelaziz Bouteflika has bowed to mass protests and relinquished the presidency. Elected in 1999, Moroccan-born Bouteflika was praised during his first two five-year terms for steering the North African country […]


Showing the power of startup womens health brands, P&G buys This is L

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The P&G acquisition of This is L., a startup retailer of period products and prophylactics, shows just how profitable investing in women’s healthcare brands and products can be. A person with knowledge of the investment put the price tag at roughly $100 million — a healthy outcome for investors and company founder Talia Frenkel. But just as […]


Africa’s youngest billionaire is free 9 days after gunmen seized him

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(CNN)Tanzanian billionaire Mohammed Dewji, who was seized by gunmen outside a luxury hotel nine days ago, is home safe after his kidnappers freed him, police said. Dewji’s disappearance made international headlines, with his family offering a reward of one billion Tanzanian shillings (US $440,000) for information leading to his rescue. The business tycoon has previously […]


Ugandas brutal treatment of MPs is enabled by global indifference | Robert Amsterdam

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MPs including the Afropop musician turned politician Bobi Wine are allegedly being tortured. The Magnitsky Act can curb this shocking abuse, says lawyer Robert Amsterdam In a country with such a complex and often conflict-prone history, acts of political violence and intimidation are common enough to be unremarkable. But this past week in Uganda has […]


Chinas Vast Intercontinental Building Plan Is Gaining Momentum

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Here’s a Quicktake on what Xi describes as the ‘project of the century’ The program isn’t without controversy: debt began operations last year, allowing crude supplies from the Middle East and Africa to reach China faster as shipments no longer need to be transported through the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea. The […]


Tributes paid to South African musician and activist Hugh Masekela

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Father of South African jazz, who had career spanning more than five decades, dies aged 78 Tributes paid to South African musician and activist Hugh Masekela Father of South African jazz, who had career spanning more than five decades, dies aged 78 Hugh Masekela obituary: jazz pioneer who fought the evil of apartheid Jason Burke […]


Exclusive: footage shows young elephants being captured in Zimbabwe for Chinese zoos

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Rare footage of the capture of wild young elephants in Zimbabwe shows rough treatment of the calves as they are sedated and taken away The Guardian has been given exclusive footage which shows the capture of young, wild elephants in Zimbabwe in preparation, it is believed, for their legal sale to Chinese zoos. In the […]


Vast animal-feed crops to satisfy our meat needs are destroying planet

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WWF report finds 60% of global biodiversity loss is down to meat-based diets which put huge strain on Earths resources The ongoing global appetite for meat is having a devastating impact on the environment driven by the production of crop-based feed for animals, a new report has warned. The vast scale of growing crops such […]


Trump praises health care of Nambia, a nonexistent African country


(CNN)President Donald Trump lavished praise on the health care system of Nambia during a speech at the United Nations. But there’s one little problem — there’s no such country. Trump mentioned Nambia twice during the session attended by leaders of several nations, including Ghana, Namibia and Uganda. Nambia aside, Trump also applauded the continent’s economic […]