Exit polls point to landslide vote to relax Irish abortion laws

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Two surveys for Irish Times and RT indicate clear victory for yes campaign Ireland has voted by a landslide to lift the ban on abortion that had been enshrined in its constitution for three decades, the first exit polls from a historic referendum suggest. If confirmed at Saturdays count, the shock result three years after […]


Ireland votes by landslide to legalise abortion

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Leo Varadkar vows legal terminations by end of year after huge vote for change Ireland has voted by a landslide to legalise abortion in a stunning outcome that marks a dramatic defeat for the Catholic churchs one-time domination of the Republic. The Irish electorate voted by 1,429,981 votes to 723,632 in favour of abolishing a […]


The Trump administration just made its latest move to defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood and other healthcare providers that perform abortion procedures are no longer protected by a 2016 guidance that prevented states from barring them from Medicaid funding. According to the Hill, the Donald Trump administration rescinded the guidance, put in place by the Obama administration, allowing states to effectively block Medicaid recipients from seeking healthcare at […]


This Wisconsin GOP rep thinks women shouldn’t be able to get abortions in order to grow labor force

Listen up, ladies: please, for the greater good of the U.S. economy, choose against having an abortion to instead birth your little bundle of joy into this wonderful, capitalistic world. At least, that’s how Wisconsin Republican Rep. Scott Allen sees your pregnancy—a means to mass production. On Thursday, the Wisconsin state Assembly approved a bill that […]