39 Rare Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things (New Pics)

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A lions fur is gorgeous on the outside but have you ever seen the intricate pattern that sits beneath? or how about the quarry where they mine the marble for your countertops? The following list is another collection of photos from Bored Panda of rare photos that show the unseen side of things that are all […]


30 People Share Their Worst Airbnb Experiences


AirBNB in Toronto. Sister and I brought our passports. They demanded we forfeit the passports on arrival. We said absolutely not and after hesitation were shown to our space. The rooms did not match the pictures posted at all. The place reeked of bleach that had been used recently. We took photos of every room, […]


A Year Ago Our Adopted Kitten Was Fighting For Her Life, Now Shes Full Of Life And Half The Size Of A Normal Cat

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I want to tell you the story of Shuri, our little Warrior Princess, the black kitten that we fell in love with and that we have been trying to nurse back to health for the past year. She had to battle numerous health issues since she was 2 months old. Some have put her life […]


People Cant Stop Trolling Anti-Vaxxers With 30 Memes

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Either way, the anti-vax movement is a dangerous trend, one that we here at Bored Panda are doing our best to highlight. With the battle for truth mainly fought online these days, it’s only natural that memes have become a potent weapon. Easily shareable, concise, humorous and savage, they are perfect fodder for the “TL-DR” […]


30 Adorable Employees Of The Week That This Contractor Met At The Houses He Works At

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stairfaces at reasonable prices. But while you might be happy to have Fred come over and rip up your floors, creating clouds of dust with his shrill, noisy sander, what do the canine inhabitants think about this intrusion? I would bet that they are not impressed, and that’s putting it kindly. Scroll down to check […]


People Are Sharing The Worst Hotel Fails From Their Trips (39 Pics)

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#2 Found This Note In My Hotel Bed Last Night… Found at the Wingate by Wyndham Hotel, this note was placed under the fitted bottom sheet. The unlucky fellow who stumbled across it said he could “clearly see the sheet of paper when pulled the top sheet and blanket back.” Makes you wonder how long […]


Groomer Gets Tired Of People Asking Why Their Services Cost More Than A Hairdresser, Puts Hilarious Poster For Customers

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This tongue-in-cheek sign found at one pet groomers perfectly sums it up. Obviously frustrated and bored by the same questions about their fees, they put all the reasons why a pet groomer is a far more in-depth and physically demanding job than your average hairdresser. Perhaps after reading these, you’ll have a new-found appreciation for […]


Dont Get Under The Table: Teacher Shares Tips On Staying Alive If An Active Shooter Is Nearby

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Americans of an earlier generation will probably remember the ‘duck and cover’ type of safety drills at school, a somewhat optimistic protection measure in the event of an atomic explosion. While the threat of nuclear annihilation has subsided somewhat, many residents of the ‘land of the free’ still live with a nagging undercurrent of fear, […]


30 Perfect Low-Cost Cosplay Recreations Of Celebrity Looks By Thai Model (New Pics)

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The 22-year-old Thai delicacy designer began her parody career in an attempt to promote her own plus-size clothing shop. “Originally, I wanted to be an inspiration for plus-size women. I wanted to show that even I could put together an outfit and look beautiful. So in the beginning, the looks that I created were everyday […]