Alberta homeowner announces contest for $1.7M home: $25 and an essay

A Canadian woman announced a contest to win her $1.7 million home. (Facebook)

Sharpen those pencils.

A woman in Alberta, Canada, announced a contest earlier this month that calls on potential homeowners to pen an essay and pay $25 dollars to get a chance to win her home that’s valued at $1.7 million.

One caveat: If she gets a matching offer, the contest will be canceled and the entry money will be returned, according to CTV News.

Alla Wagner has lived in the rural Millarville home since 2011. She loves it there. There are sweeping views of a nearby pond and mountain range. But Wagner has had some health issues that would require her to modify the house, and she does not want to compromise the 5,000-square-foot Georgian’s atheistic.

The homeowner does not want to modify the house after some recent health issues. (Facebook)

“I view this home as a work of art,” she told The Star.

She’s been trying to sell the home for a few months but said that she has not received a serious offer. If the home is sold, she said she will donate five percent of the net profit to a women’s shelter.


She hopes to receive about 68,000 entrants and will stick to a 350-word maximum.

“It would be a beautiful way for someone not giving up hope. I’m not going to give up hope. I believe that when this contest works, I know it’s going to be well worthwhile,” she said.

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